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10-Pin D-Shaped Lanc Adapter Cable Connection 4 Sony Camcorders by Pro-


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video camcorders D-shaped 10-pin AV-R connector ?

No worries, this item can slove the problem. This item allows the IMG_'s D-connector convert to a 2.5mm LANC jack.
The cable offers a Lanc Jack, plus video and stereo audio outputs. Our Lanc adapters do NOT influence or alter the LANC protocol. The Lanc signal is passed through from the Lanc controller to the video camera.
LANC Adapter is designed for all new Camcorder that connects the 10pin multi-AV remote terminal jack (A/V R) to 2.5mm traditional LANC jack plus video and audio outputs with RCA connectors. combines audio/video output and LANC signal into one single 10pin multi-AV remote terminal jack (A/V R) on all new camcorders. Most of the new Camcorders don't have the standard 2.5mm LANC jack any more. LANC controls becomes part of the 10pin AV jack. LANC is available but not directly accessible without the adapter cable. This adapter makes the connection between new 10pin connector and 2.5mm LANC possible. No batteries, plug and play, work for all LANC protocol.
· All camcorder with 10pin AV Jack (A/V R)
· AV 10 pin “D” plug
· 2.5mm Jack LANC Interface
· Length : about 1m

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