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Microphone Professional UHF Wireless Microphone System Lavalier Lapel Mic Receiver+Transmitter for Camcorder Recorder Microphone


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Welcome to use WM8 Wireless Photographic and Recording Microphone. This product can apply to the common medium and high end cameras, as well as SLR cameras, and can be easily and quickly mounted on the cameras. The wireless microphone specially uses UHF frequency, free from the interference from other industrial frequencies; uses professional audio
compression-extension technology, with low noise and large dynamic range; is the perfect partner for the occasion such as professional photography, video recording, news gathering, etc.

Uses UHF frequency band, with strong anti-interference capability. DPLL digital frequency control technology is adopted, and six preset channels are available.
Applies noise valve control system, with auto mute if no signal.
Uses WNCR noise control technology, featuring extremely low bottom noise.
With volume memory function, automatically memorizes the last volume output level.Complex interference-free circuit is adopted. More than four sets of devices can be used simultaneously without mutual interference.
Transmitter and receiver use LCD to display the status of battery level, operating channel, etc.
Adopted a unidirectional lapel microphone with high sensitivity and long pickup distance
Wireless working distance can reach up to 70 meters, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.
Audio adapter is with an American standard plug, its standard is CTIA; suitable for iPhone and American Standard mobile phones.


1:Transmitter Weight: 0.19lb (without batteries)
2:Receiver Weight: 0.19lb (without batteries)
3:Transmitter Size: 3.44*2.45*0.87”
4:Receiver Size: 3.44*2.45*0.87”
5:Microphone Cable Length: 39.37”
6:Cable length(closed): 9.84”
7:Cable length (open): 23.62”
8:Frequency Range: 610-675MHZ(can be customized for other frequency brands, depending on the regulations of different countries)
9:Frequency response: 40Hz-12kHz
10:Number of Channels: 6
11:Transmit Power: ≤10dBm
12:Receiving Sensitivity: S/N:12dB 3uV
13:S/N Ratio: ≥80dB
14:Operating Range: 2756 inch(without obstacle)
15:Transmitter/Receiver Battery: AA 1.5V*2
Functions of Each Part

1:Battery compartments of transmitter and receiver: Insert two pieces of AA batteries
2:Select or switch for transmitter input: Shift the switch to “MIC” for microphone input mode
3:Channel adjustment of transmitter and receiver: Click the “CH” switch to shift to the desired channel, and six channels are available.
4:Transmitting antennas of transmitter and receiver: 1/4 wavelength whip antenna
5:Power indicators of transmitter and receiver: When the device is turned on, the indicator is green, indicating that the battery level is normal; when the indicator light is red, it indicates that the battery is low and it is required to replace the battery
6:Power buttons of transmitter and receiver: Long press to turn on/off
7:LCD panels of transmitter and receiver: Display the current working channel and battery level
8:Transmitter MIC socket: Can be used to input MIC or AUX signal(select the required signal via the input selector switch)
9:Receiver volume decrease and increase button: Press these two buttons to change the sound volum
10:Receiver output socket: Uses attached connecting cable to connect this socket with the “MIC” socket on camera.

Package Includes
1*3.5mm jake
1*Fixing tray of transmitte
1*Clip microphone(with 95cm cable)
1*User manual
1*Audio adapter

Additional information

Model Number




Brand Name



Handheld Microphone

Polar Patterns





Condenser Microphone


Conference Microphone

Set Type

Single Microphone

Frequency Range


Frequency response


Number of Channels


Receiving Sensitivity

S/N:12dB 3uV

Operating Range

2756 inch(without obstacle)


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